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Tell Me You Love Me

Bolbbalgan4 or BOL4 is a South Korean pop duo. In 2016 they released “Tell me you love me”. The music video skyrocketed in popularity clocking over 50 million views on YouTube.

Client: Bolbbalgan4
Project: Music Video 
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Crazy - DOK2 X Adidas

Known for his appearances on Korean rap show Show Me The Money DOK2 is a prominent name in the Korean rap scene. The founder of Illionaire Records teamed up with Adidas for the music video for his song “Crazy”.

Client: Adidas x DOK2
Project: Music Video
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Nike: On Air

Invisible air flows into the body, and takes the role of fuel powering the human organs. Robots and humans draw together on the canvas using paint for this collaboration between teamVOID & Park Hyeunho for Nike: On Air.

Client: Nike / Maps Mag
Project: Brand Video
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